Disaster Management Group, Tentlogix, Love & Life Foundation Team Up

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4.3.2020 | PRESS RELEASE |

Indiantown, FL – Two of the city’s largest employers are teaming up with a nonprofit organization to provide food and necessities to residents in need beginning Friday at 3:00 p.m. Disaster Management Group (DMG), LLC, and Tentlogix are organizing a food distribution, along with Mayor Guyton Stone and Vice Mayor Janet Hernández, at SW Farm Road and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in Indiantown.

“We saw a need right here in our hometown, and we wanted to help,” said Tom Rubio, CEO of DMG. “DMG knows how to scale up quickly and deliver efficiently, and we’re proud to provide this service to the community in which we live.”

DMG, a disaster recovery firm, and Tentlogix, a supplier of temporary structures and flooring, are providing the tents, logistics and transportation for the food distribution planned for Friday.

“During these uncertain times, so many of our neighbors and members of the community have lost their jobs. When folks are out of work, the most important thing we can provide to keep them going is food,” said Gary Hendry, owner and CEO of Tentlogix.

The food that will be distributed Friday is provided by the Love & Life Foundation of Winter Park.

“We’re facing unprecedented challenges – countless business closures and record jobless claims,” said Matt Wideman, whose family manages the Love & Life Foundation. “We can get through this if we help one another. We are proud to support this community that we know and love.”

The food distribution was organized quickly with the support of Indiantown Mayor Guyton Stone.

“This town owes a big thanks to DMG, Tentlogix and the Love & Life Foundation for supporting the Village residents,” said Mayor Stone. “It’s times like these when we know and appreciate the true meaning of a neighbor. A neighbor is someone who comes to the door with a plate of food when you need it the most.”

Reports indicate that previous food distributions have left residents waiting in line for hours for a bag of groceries. The process lacked efficiency and created an unsafe environment when residents are encouraged to practice social distancing.

DMG brings great expertise in disaster response, recovery and efficiency. The new process, which will be implemented during Friday’s food distribution, will enable cars to drive alongside a semi-truck filled with food and covered by a large-scale tent. This new process will decrease wait times, keep families safe and get more food into the hands that need it most.

“This is such an incredible example of community coming together to solve a problem,” said Representative Toby Overdorf. “With DMG, Tentlogix and the Love & Life Foundation at the table, we’re able to meet the needs of the residents of Indiantown. This pandemic and economic collapse is the greatest challenge we have faced in modern times. Yet this crisis brings this community together to support one another.”

Residents can line up for the food distribution on Friday, which will begin at 3:00 p.m. at Heritage Park. Residents can stay in their cars while food is loaded from the semi-truck of donated non-perishable items.


Disaster Management Group (DMG), LLC, based in Indiantown, FL, has more than 15 years of experience in rapid deployment of disaster management services. A trusted partner to government agencies, industry and disaster response organizations, DMG capabilities and offerings include logistical support services and equipment, medical testing, technology and industrial cleaning. DMG is the largest provider to services at CDC and U.S. Department of Defense for sites being established during the coronavirus pandemic. Learn more at www.basecampservices.com